Plastic Injection Molding

TerBeek Molding & Tool in Peachtree City, Georgia provides plastic injection molding services using our fully equipped all electric molding machines.  Our Master Molder trained technicians utilize a scientific molding process to ensure part quality throughout a production run.  

Features and Capabilities

  • Sumitomo SEEV-A 180
    • 200 US Ton Capacity
    • 100mm Extended Tie Bar
  • Frigel Microgel Dual Process Chiller 
  • Dri Air Material Dryer with Vacuum Delivery 
  • Husky Hot Runner Controller
    • 24 Zone 

Small Batch Production

Using our modular mold frame, TMT is able to provide customers with a molded part solution at an affordable price.  Small batch volumes benefit the most using a modular mold, with expected mold life up to 100,000 pieces.  

Our Estimates Are Free of Charge

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